Wood & Voice


Bibiana Nwobilo, Soprano

Jonas Skielboe, Guitar


Bibiana Nwobilo and Jonas Skielboe met in 2010 and has since then been performing together. Their repertoire embraces the classical European lied repertoire so as the Spanish and Latin American lied repertoire.

As an important part of their work they combine original written songs for voice and guitar with their own transcriptions of the piano lied repertoire. Jonas Skielboe has over the last 15 years especially dedicated a vast amount of his work in his own transcriptions. In order to get to the source of the music or discovering new repertoire he is working close together with leading experts within the field of Latin american and Spanish music.

The duo has together performed in Scotland, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Austria.

Bibiana Nwobilo’s fine voice and warm timber brought them together and in company with Jonas Skielboe’s guitar playing they form a duo of highest caliber.