Program I

Suite Populaires

The Violin and the guitar share strong identities within both folk and classical music three different cultures, Bulgaria, Spain and Argentina.

Lively folk rhythms and profoundly melismatic melodies in Ourkouzounov’s Sonatina Bulgarica embody the large register of Bulgaria’s beautiful cultural traditions.

Falla and Albeniz, two of the main Spanish composers of the 20th century, found the inspiration in their very own popular music. The meeting of Violin and Guitar reflects their parallel lives and their wish to unify flamenco and classical music.Piazzolla revolutionized the Argentinian tango, infusing traditional tango with elements from jazz, classical music. The evolution of the tango is shown in his very own piece Histoire du tango.

Vivid rhythms, furious temperament and deepest sentiment are reunited in the performance of Rusanda Panfili and Jonas Skielboe

Music: A.Ourkouzounov, I. Albeniz, M. de Falla,  A. Piazzolla

Program II

Pure Piazzolla

With shared passion for the tango Rusanda Panfili and Jonas Skielboe breath through this music!

Centered around the tango by Astor Piazzolla the audience are taken on a journey through the history of tango and to the pulsating life in the streets of Buenos Aires.

The expressivity of the Violin and the profundity of the guitar embodies the core of tango.

Music: A. Piazzolla