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Jonas Skielboe

Jonas Skielboe


Bibiana Nwobilo, Soprano

Jonas Skielboe, Guitar



Bibiana Nwobilo and Jonas Skielboe met in 2010 and has since then been performing together. Their repertoire embraces the classical European lied repertoire so as the Spanish and Latin American lied repertoire.

As an important part of their work they combine original written songs for voice and guitar with their own transcriptions of the piano lied repertoire. Jonas Skielboe has over the last 15 years especially dedicated a vast amount of his work in his own transcriptions. In order to get to the source of the music or discovering new repertoire he is working close together with leading experts within the field of Latin american and Spanish music.

The duo has together performed in Scotland, Switzerland, Holland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Denmark and Austria.

Bibiana Nwobilo’s fine voice and warm timber brought them together and in company with Jonas Skielboe’s guitar playing they form a duo of highest caliber.


Program I

Musica de dos continentes

This program explores the still largely unknown depths and richness of the Latin American and Spanish repertoire.

Deeply rooted in folk music, Hector Villa-Lobos’ songs are an emblematic embodiment of the sounds of his native Brazil, as are the folkloric songs by Venezuela’s lesser known yet equally charming Antonio Lauro.

The Argentine composer Carlos Guastavino is relatively unknown in Europe, but is rightly called the Schubert of South America. His legacy consists of some 200 art songs, including the wonderful La Rosa y el Sauce.

Manuel de Falla constitutes the link between Europe and Latin America, having spent his last days in Argentina. One of the most important Spanish composers, he inspired an entire generation on both sides of the Atlantic with his music.

This program takes the listener on a journey through South America and the fiery Spanish temperament.

Music: I. Albéniz, E. Granados, C. Guastavino, M. De Falla, A. Lauro, H. Villa-Lobos


Program II



Bibiana Nwobilo’s and Jonas Skielboe’s selected works from their favourite lied repertoire. Derived from the piano repertoire Jonas Skielboe’s transcriptions of masterpieces reveals a new light to the music.

Being situated in Vienna, Schubert was for them an obvious starting point. Many of his songs accompanied by piano are like written for guitar and as a guitarist you could have the suspicion that he even composed a fair amount of his songs using the instrument.

As a next step in the German Lied repertoire Jonas Skielboe have arranged a selection of Schumann’s Dichterliebe, that despise of his more extensive use of harmony fit incredible well on the guitar and brings an entire new perspective of the songs.

Moving towards Latin repertoire they travel through France and encounter the songs from Faure that played a big role in the “Lied Française”.

Contemporary to Faure, Manuel de Falla passed through Paris being the cultural center of their time. He there composed his lied cycle “Seite Canciones populares Españolas” that despite their later great importance traveled with him for some years in his suitcase before he was confident enough to publishing them.

Falla so as Villa Lobos recreated the lied repertoire and included their own traditional music building on decades of musical traditions that had been going on but apart from the concert halls.

The fine mixture of traditions and renewal has been the inspiration for the duo in creating of this program.

Music: F. Schubert, R. Schuman, G. Fauré, M. De Falla, H. Villa Lobos

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